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Decentralized crypto and communication app powered by blockchain technology. Make crypto mainstream and communicate worry-free.

some of our Features

Ally V.2.0, our Decentralized Beta App is now out for iOS, Android and can be downloaded directly at the link above.

secure messaging

Chat privately, publicly, or broadcast your message to thousands of people.

Video chat

Easily start a call in one click to catch up in real-time over the phone or face-to-face.

in-app crypto transfers

Using a wallet, send and receive cryptocurrency securely within chats.

temporary messaging

Send disappearing messages, erase or edit your message even after it’s been sent.

Smart Contracts

Easily start a contract, set terms and sign it all within your chat.

Live media streaming

Broadcast live video to thousands and receive tokens when people tune in.

I really enjoyed the privacy features of it.


Business Development Blockchain Ambassador

Oh gosh! We could be here for a while. I'm actually impressed!


Blockchain Enthusiast

I would say it's very user friendly. It's very easy to add people, to speak with them, to call them, and to video chat.


CEO/Co-Founder CryptoCanucks

This could very well be one of the biggest dapps out there!

Valerie P.

Blockchain Enthusiast

Powered by Skrumble Network

Skrumble Network is an innovative blockchain, and application that centers on creating the most secure connections for communication possible. Ally is Skrumble Network’s first decentralized app.

SKM Token

SKM is the token powering Skrumble Network and will enable access to various features and actions throughout the entire dApp ecosystem.

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